At RESbroker we specialize in selecting projects and assisting our clients with the acquisition of these projects. RES projects typically are Wind Farms, PV (Solar-) projects, Biomass/biofuel plants, Hydro Plants and Geo Thermal projects but we also have our eyes on WTE and tidal energy.

Matching the needs of our clients with the needs of developers is what we are good in.

Being a broker in renewable energy projects is much more than just selling a project to an investor. In today’s markets it means assisting the potential buyer with finding the best project and matching the equity and debts partners; yes, even suggest potential partners for a PPA. At least that is how we consider our mission as premier broker in Renewable Energy Projects.

 RESbroker has a team of experienced experts that helps you finding the project that fits best in your portfolio.

Armed with hands-on knowledge that stretches from technology to revenue schemes of the regions we sell projects in, we are there to provide all the necessary information about the project, the market and the risks to our clients. When you are a large investor looking for investment opportunities in one of the few markets that are still growing despite the economic downturn then Renewable Energy Sources (RES) might be one of them. When you are looking to invest from 1 to 500 million EURO in Renewable energy then RESbroker can help you selecting the right project.

 Finding and selecting projects is one of the biggest challenges and you also need to be sure that the project you buy is of a good quality.

Try us and browse the projects we have in our portfolio, the largest quality listing of Renewable Energy Projects in Europe!

Are you a developer or project owner and you want to find investors for your project? Contact our consultants and we will screen your project at no costs. Once approved we will add the project to our portfolio.

RESbroker is a Portal of Bastiaan Projects and provides information about investment opportunities in Renewable Energy Projects in EUROPE.